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Tops, Blouses

Blouses and tops are the basic part of a woman’s wardrobe. We have a lot of them in our wardrobe, because we can combine them with skirts, shorts and trousers to create unique sets. Original blouses and tops have the advantage that they are unique, made in a small number of copies, with great attention to detail.They are also created in Poland. In such an original top we can feel really special. Blouses and tops play a special role here, which we assume for unusual occasions such as New Year’s Eve or carnival parties, weddings and even meetings. They are special, decorative and unusual. They are usually made of noble fabrics such as silk or noble cotton with satin weave. Some of them are lace or decorated with lace, others with sequins, embroidery and applications. T-shirts decorated with embroidered applications with floral or animal motifs turned out to be a huge hit recently. They can be combined with everyday clothes, such as jeans or a simple skirt, as well as clothes for special occasions such as jacquards or silk skirts.

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I present to you the delicate viscose and silk top. It is simple, sleeveless, finished with a floral scarf, at the neck. The top looks great with our navy and blue filly skirts and the other plain skirts.


You are extraordinary, crazy, you like animal patterns and unusual cuts. You're in the perfect place. This blouse with a birds application is for you. I made it out of cotton in crazy intense violet color, decorated it with pleated sleeves and bird applications. Cotton is comfortable to wear, natural and airy, and the color is intense and striking.



The delicate blouse is airy and fully natural, made of cotton muslin. Its oversized cut and delicate fabric are comfortable to wear, especially on warmer days.


The cotton owl top is extremely mysterious and fairytale. The fabric is printed in colored owls, butterflies, and flowers on a black background. The top is slightly loose, making it very comfortable to wear.


The black T-shirt with sequined applications in the form of ananas will be a great choice for a party and daily outfit. Its intensive colors based on black and yellow and green will enliven and conquer many stylizations.



The energetic and asymmetrical top is made of delicate fabric. This makes it comfortable and airy. The strong intense color and asymmetrical neckline make the top avant-garde.


The classic and retro top resembling a corset is made of very good quality cotton satin. The front zip gives it a slightly different, sporty character, and is very comfortable


The wild and delicate tiger top is made of viscose knitted fabric. This makes it comfortable and airy. The strong animal pattern contrasts here with delicate honey color. If you like asymmetrical cuts and contrasts , this blouse is for you.


Top in pastel colours, flamingo pattern fits perfectly into the flamingo skirt. This is perfect set to relpace dress. This top con also be worn with pants or skirts in pastel colours.