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A shirt, especially a white one, is the basic element of wardrobe and a proven styling element. The shirt is suitable for official styling, for work, for business meetings; it is also suitable for everyday use. The final result depends on other elements of the outfit. It will look different when combined with jeans and with simple classic trousers, and the style of a white shirt and a jacquard, rich skirt will have a different look. White shirt is a chameleon, it can be styled classic and avant-garde and never gets bored. One white shirt in a wardrobe is a minimum, 5 such shirts are not too many. It can be plain, ascetic, embroidered or decorated with embroidery or application, finished with lace, fringes, fitted or loose. White shirt can be interpreted in hundreds of ways, and this original, made in few copies, will be a real decoration and pride of the owner. The best shirts have a natural composition. The most popular shirts will be cotton, sometimes silk or linen. It depends on the fabric what the final result will be. Matt or gloss, or maybe a clear weave?

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I present You the red shirt with a tie at the neckline. It is simple, with  long sleeves and high cuffs, slightly loose with a tie at the neck. The shirt is made of viscose, so it is breathable, comfortable and soft to the body. It looks great with our insect skirt, or with any dark skirt like the navy, blue ruffle skit. It is made of intense red fabric , and the slightly crimped texture of the fabric gives it a unique look. The shirt was made for pe ople who like simplicity and feminine classics. It is very soft and airy, great for everyday wear, such as with jeans or a simple skirt, as well as for bigger outing. If you like feminine but slightly looser cut, intense colors, this shirt is for You.


This shirt has a simple, classic design, sleeves, cuffs and a matching fit, it is decorated with lace, which gives it a Victorian touch.


White classic shirt is a piece of clothing for each of us. This is unusual, because it is sleeveless, loose, with a longer back and flyovers on the sides.


Classic, white shirt with cactus application is for those of you who like plant and flower patterns in a slightly unusual version.


It is a classic white shirt with sleeves finished with cuffs, neckline finished with stand-up collar, fitted to the figure. We could say that this is a very typical shirt, if not for the application on the left side in the form of a peony, which gives it an individual character.