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Dresses are definitely the most feminine item of clothing. Which one of us does not love them? Our wardrobes are full of them, and we still have not enough of them. A dress is comfortable, because it does not need to be combined with another item of clothing. When we put on a dress, we are already dressed. We wear dresses all year round, for all occasions, in the heat and winter, for shopping and for the evening. Especially important for us are dresses for unusual occasions, such as wedding, theatre, New Year’s Eve, carnival. For such occasions we wear simple and richly decorated dresses, and a special place is taken by the fabric from which the dress is made. Silk, wool, noble cotton dominate; we wear sequins, lace, velvet and embroidery, after all it is a special occasion. We find them in all lengths and styles. They are simple and minimalist, luscious and feminine, narrow and sensual. They allow us to feel special. Which dress will you choose? Girlish, glittering patterned; classic and feminine, or perhaps extravagant and unusual. Or maybe just made in Poland? In a few copies, hand-finished.

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There is an elegant dress made of lace and cotton lining. It’s retro style, creased at the waist, knee lenght, with long and slim sleeves. This dress has a simple and classic cut reminiscent of retro dress form the 1950s.If you like classic, feminine retro style,  the dress will be perfect for you. You will feel very feminine in it and no one will pass you by indiferrently, and the intense green color will make you look special. Three layers of fabrics: top lace, bottom fabric, and lining make the dress can all year round. In winter you can combie it with a cardigan and boots, In summer with sandals and light jacket. It can be your perfect cocktail dress or also an everyday dress if you like a richer style. We sew these dresses In Poland, In small series.


There is the dress of stiff, thick cotton printed in large roses. It is pencil cut, fitted and sleeveless, finished with square neckline. This dress has a very simple, classic cut and a strong expressive pattern. If you like classics with a touch of extravagance, you like to be seen, this dress is made right for you. Slightly stiff fabric will make the deficiencies of the figure invisible. You will feel feminine in it, but also comfortable. No one is going pass by you.


There is the dress of flowing fabric in dark blue. It fits in the upper part, in the lower parts as an A. The dress has slightly wider sleeves. It is decorated with jacquard tape at the waist and sleeves. The dress is inspired by the bohemian style. If you like the style, slightly ethnic, reminiscent of Indian costumes, this dress is for you. The soft and delicate fabric will wrap you up, and you will feel feminine and at ease in it. The long sleeve makes it possible to wear it all year around.


I present you the dress in joyful yellow. It is made of airy thin fabric and decorated at the neckline with gold trimming. Its classic pencil cut contrasts with intense yellow color. If you like classics, this dress is the perfect choice for you.


A classic and avant-garde dress with an asymmetrical frill. It was created for lovers of classic and minimalist style with a touch of avant-garde style. You will feel elegant and classy in this dress.


If You like women's dresses, top-fitting and flared bottom, this dress is for You. It is bleu, beautifully fitted in the upper part of the silhouette, with neckline on the back and without sleeves.


This chiffon, airy and delicate dress was created for romantic, delicate end ethereal women. It brings to mind ethereal ballerinas, especially thanks to the delicate, graded color of the fabric. The top layer of the dress is made of silk chiffon in a delicate light lila color.


This mini dress is glossy, folded at the waist, with a deep neckline at the back and slightly shallower at the front, with no sleeves. Its girly cut corresponds to the unusual pattern. The fabric is printed in birds sitting on branches.


This dress is a real evening choice. Its maxi length is binding, and the fitted cut is sensual.