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Decorative pillow covers

Decorative cushions are a proven element of any interior decoration. With them you can quickly change the character of your living room or bedroom. The cushions will decorate your sofas and armchairs. Cushions can be elegant and classic, minimalist, rustic, boho, extravagant and baroque. It is you who will choose which will fit your interior. They can be made of cotton and linen, plain printed, jacquard, silk and made of sequins. A very fashionable solution lately are the author’s cushions of Polish designers. They are unique, made in Poland, with attention to every detail. Having such a cushion guarantees that no one will have an identical one, because they are made in small quantities. If you love slow design, these cushions will be perfect for you.

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If you are classic, you like minimalism and luxury, this silk, dark blue cover for a decorative cushion will be a good choice for you. It is created for minimalists, who value good quality and Polish products


This baroque cushion cover is made for those of you who like rich, floral patterns. Colourful flowers on a black background are interspersed with gold thread which creates a very exclusive effect.


Decorative cushion cover in toucans is made of the same fabric as a skirt in toucans. It is an interesting, extravagant solution. The noble glossy jacquard shimmers on the cushion surface and pleases the eye with an exotic pattern.