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Runners are a great alternative to table cloths, they are smaller, more delicate and cover only a selected part of the table. They are ideal for a casual everyday table decoration. They can be purchased in many sizes, so that they will fit any table. The most noble ones are made of such fabrics as cotton or linen. Both fabrics are natural and elegant, linen has a thinner, more expressive weave, cotton usually has a less visible weave. If you are a lover of slow design, design that is not mass-produced, you are in a good place. Our runners are made of white linen in four basic sizes and decorated with original floral applications. The linen and flower patterns create a style similar to boho or Slavic.

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Linen runner with cactus application is sewn for those of you who like exotic motifs. The shape of this runner is classic, the fabric it is made of noble and very typical for tablecloths and runners.


This linen runner is decorated with a peony flower. A red and green application is sewn onto the white surface of linen. If you are a fan of rustic climates or boho style, this runner is perfect for you.