Size chart:

How to measure yourself? 


If you have an unusual size, it is not a problem and an obstacle to shopping. I will tell you how to measure yourself well to get the perfect dress, top or skirt. 

Take a look at how to measure yourself and give us your measurements. When buying a product, choose a custom size from the sizes and enter your dimensions in notes. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for your dream creation. 

Measure your breasts at the widest point, so that the measure adheres to your body. Measure the waist at the narrowest point so that the measurement is in contact with the body. Measure the hips at the widest point between the waist and thighs with a very gentle play. For some people, this widest point may be in different places, higher or lower. These are individual characteristics. Measure the length of upper part of the body from the shoulder, through the breasts, to the waistline. Measure the length of your back from shoulder to waist. For your comfort, you can tie a ribbon around your waist. Measure the length of the bottom part from the waist down in an upright position. This is very important. If you bend down, the measurement will be incorrect. Measure the circumference of your hand at the widest point under your armpit.