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I present You the red shirt with a tie at the neckline. It is simple, with  long sleeves and high cuffs, slightly loose with a tie at the neck. The shirt is made of viscose, so it is breathable, comfortable and soft to the body. It looks great with our insect skirt, or with any dark skirt like the navy, blue ruffle skit. It is made of intense red fabric , and the slightly crimped texture of the fabric gives it a unique look. The shirt was made for pe ople who like simplicity and feminine classics. It is very soft and airy, great for everyday wear, such as with jeans or a simple skirt, as well as for bigger outing. If you like feminine but slightly looser cut, intense colors, this shirt is for You.


There is an elegant dress made of lace and cotton lining. It’s retro style, creased at the waist, knee lenght, with long and slim sleeves. This dress has a simple and classic cut reminiscent of retro dress form the 1950s.If you like classic, feminine retro style,  the dress will be perfect for you. You will feel very feminine in it and no one will pass you by indiferrently, and the intense green color will make you look special. Three layers of fabrics: top lace, bottom fabric, and lining make the dress can all year round. In winter you can combie it with a cardigan and boots, In summer with sandals and light jacket. It can be your perfect cocktail dress or also an everyday dress if you like a richer style. We sew these dresses In Poland, In small series.


This energetic clutch bag is made of vegan suede. The combination of yellow curry , and intense orange color will light up every day. It is finished with brown accessories: a chain and a magnet, silver accessories. It is fastened with a magnet. The clutch fits perfectly with our yellow dress. It is created for a woman, who likes strong colors, woman who are not afraid to be noticed.  If you are like that, you will fall in love with it. The clutch is great for you can also wear it with jeans and a white T-shirt. The clutch will give your style strong, energetic and feminine character.


This exotic clutch bag in jungle print is made of waterproof textile. No rain is bad for it. One side is sewn from the jungle printed textile, on the other side is vegan suede. It is finished with silver accessories: a chain and a zip. It is fastened with a zip and magnet. The clutch fits perfectly with our black dress with asymmetric fril and our dragonfly dress. It is created for a woman, who likes exotic prints. If you are like that, you will fall in love with it. The clutch is great for you can also wear it with jeans and a white T-shirt. The clutch will give your style exotic, feminine character.


There is the dress of stiff, thick cotton printed in large roses. It is pencil cut, fitted and sleeveless, finished with square neckline. This dress has a very simple, classic cut and a strong expressive pattern. If you like classics with a touch of extravagance, you like to be seen, this dress is made right for you. Slightly stiff fabric will make the deficiencies of the figure invisible. You will feel feminine in it, but also comfortable. No one is going pass by you.


There is the dress of flowing fabric in dark blue. It fits in the upper part, in the lower parts as an A. The dress has slightly wider sleeves. It is decorated with jacquard tape at the waist and sleeves. The dress is inspired by the bohemian style. If you like the style, slightly ethnic, reminiscent of Indian costumes, this dress is for you. The soft and delicate fabric will wrap you up, and you will feel feminine and at ease in it. The long sleeve makes it possible to wear it all year around.


This small chest bag is made of red vegan leather and has a navy blue elegant lining inside. It is finished with golden accessories and the belt with a geometric pattern in red, navy blue, and yellow.


I present to you the delicate viscose and silk top. It is simple, sleeveless, finished with a floral scarf, at the neck. The top looks great with our navy and blue filly skirts and the other plain skirts.


I present to you a short skirt with an asymmetrical frill. It is classic and feminine, it's a great fit for work, you can also dress it up every day. Combined with a sweater and heavier boots it will create a daily set; combined with an elegant blouse and high heels it will create a work shawl collar top and most of our tops.